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Shoe Cleaning & Repairing Services

By looking at a person’s shoes, you can get an idea of the person’s character. Don’t let down your image with dirty shoes, we are here to help you. Outdo offers multiple solutions to all your shoe problems. From worn shoes, shoelaces replacement, to leather shoe polishing that makes your favorite shoe doesn’t get discarded soon. 

We use highly effective and safe cleaning agents and stain removers that will not damage your shoes. We offer time & cost-effective services.

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Leather Care

Leather articles like Jackets, Handbags, Laptop bags, and shoes, have mostly a tag on them indicating the authenticity of REAL LEATHER. Our team then segregates real and faux leather items and treats them as needed. After identifying the color, faded areas, cuts, patches, and spots, we pre-test, clean, process, dry, and polish the leather item. During the makeover/restoration process, we do color, drying, and polish to make your item look, as good as new.

Schedule a call with us for the extra care of your leather articles. Free pick-up and delivery services available.